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Tickle Clicker  Mini Game is a early BETA BUILD created from a Level taken from Tickle Strip 2.0.


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Naomi is strapped to a cage Chair and Tickled as you click, everytime you reach the click target you add hands or remove clothes.

This is a idle Clicker built using models and scenes from Tickle strip;

Tickle Strip 2.0 - Full game will include stories and tickle strip game meter features.

 This clicker game was developed using a scene from tickle strip 2.0.

Tickle Clicker Mini Game.


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TickleStripClicker.apk 42 MB
iMac Computer Build 37 MB
Windows Computer Build 31 MB


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How many clicks to complete a level? i have like 12k now and everything long unlocked but nothing is happening

I apologize As this is a Demo test build there is no end scene, although TBH I hadn't even thought about that, I will ad that to my list and create a success screen, thanks for the feedback :)   

After game starts only black screen is visible nothing else

Hello, I have been told about this issue and it only seems to affect people randomly, please try re installing the game or re downloading, I have not been able to experience the issue to fix it

what all does the update inquire?

just a rebuild as it had issues on some peoples phones and a extra demo level for patreons.

also on my phone there was no volume