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Still wondering like what 5ilvara was sayin' here too. V

(+1) the male model from the pic avaliable? ^^;

i originallyposted a poll to vote to have a male in the game snd there was not a huge interested i have a male level created if there was enough interest i would publish it, ill run another poll.  Thanks for your interest 

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I find your games audaciously appealing. (Great design!)

The only difference I'd like is to have the model's breasts and a bit of their hips (just a bit) removed. You can just lower the voice pitch just a bit (but not too much please). As long as the model doesn't have its hair in pigtails, I'd prefer every other feature to be exactly similar to those of the female ones! Just saying. 

A poll? Why the need for a poll to deliver a feature that is already advertised in a paid game?

How much does represent a huge interest? ...If one positive vote is not enought, polls about gender interest are completely useless. Female bodies are more objectified than males, what kind of result would you expect from a poll?

It's either gays and ~straight women and included in the target audiance, or they aren't.

...Sorry if I'm been sour about it, it's not against you at all. I'm just seriously feed up with how most sexy games on and everywhere on the web disregard straight female audiances out of blatent ignorence.

Bought the 1.00$ version and the only person available is Naomi. Stephanie's is unlocked, but can't be played, and no one else is available.

I bought the $1.00 version and i can only play with Stephanie and Naomi. Is this a glitch or do I get the rest after the game is finished?

All current levels are available now, Susan is still in development and will be added asap.

why cant i pay it

how to download?

Game is available as a demo to patreon's only ATM, I will be updating the game in the following 24 hours and be releasing a public build, we have a few demo's available of our other games such as the tickle clicker and fetish studio demo  

Good game! 

so when will this be officially released? As well as fetish studio?

Official release is unknown as the project is self funded and with the support of patreon, all levels will be released in the coming days to the public although as funding grows i believe that i will add to the game to improve the audio and animation's. thanks for the support please follow the progress on patreon and youtube :)




So COOL!! Great job! :)